SimplySmart Water Meters

We provide three options for water meters viz., Piston type and Ultrasonic type. Both have proven performance records. SimplySmart water meters are easy to install and can be considered during new plumbing or can even be fitted with the existing plumbing at each inlet point.

water meter
Flow ON
Piston Type Water Meter
  • FlowON Piston Type Water Meter with an added advantage of a Valve
  • Electrically actuated Ball Valve for DN 15, DN 20 & DN 25 connections
  • Brass body with Stainless steel ball material to withstand harsh conditions
  • Works on 24 V DC supply
  • The meter with a valve setup can be used for a prepaid mode. The valve closes when a fixed volume of water passes through the meter
  • It can be used to control the leakages
  • Get a better control of your water usage
water meter
Piston Type Water Meter
  • Unique grooved piston fitted in the measuring chamber of the meter almost nullifies the chances of stoppages
  • Co-polymer resin body can withstand even hard water
  • High level of accuracy
  • High durability and reliable performance in accordance with ISO 4064
  • Type tested and certified by FCRI, Palakkad
  • Available in sizes DN 15, DN 20 & DN 25
  • Electronics housed in a separate box
  • Battery life – 10 years (Li-ion battery)
water meter
Ultrasonic Water Meter
  • Based on ultrasound principle. Uses ultrasonic transducers and acoustic reflectors
  • High level of accuracy
  • Supports IoT-ready wireless communication
  • Robust construction and reliable electronics for a long life
  • Compact design. Can fit in confined, narrow spaces of existing plumbing
  • Available in sizes from DN 15 to DN 40
  • Battery life – 10 years (Li-ion battery)